Alan Oppenheimer in 'Westworld'
Alan Oppenheimer dead (with other technicians) in 'Westworld'
Alan Oppenheimer (1930 - )
Prolific animation voice-over artist
Mr. Marianna Elliott
(divorced, remarried, widowed)
Westworld (1973) [Chief Supervisor]: Suffocated (along with all the other technicians) after they shut down the power to the resort, only to discover they're now trapped in the unventilated control room. Their bodies are shown afterwards when Richard Benjamin looks into the control room and sees them.

9 (2009; animated) [The Scientist]: Dies after transferring the last portion of his soul into 9 (voiced by Elijah Wood), some time before the story begins; his death is shown in a flashback, and his body is shown when 9 discovers it. (Thanks to Tommy)
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