Alain Delon in 'Spirits of the Dead'
Alain Delon (1935 - )
Nathalie Delon
Father of Christian Aaron Boulougne, Anthony Delon,
Anouchka Delon, and Alain Delon Jr.
Le Samourai (1967) [Jef Costello]: Shot to death by police when he points an unloaded gun at Cathy Rosier, thus committing "suicide by cop." (Thanks to Zoran)

Spirits of the Dead (Tre passi nel delirio; Tales of Mystery and Imagination) (1968) [William Wilson/Wilson's Double]: Playing a dual role, "Wilson's Double" is stabbed in the stomach with a sword by "Wilson." "Wilson" later falls to his death from a church tower, impaling himself on a sword when he hits the ground (duplicating his double's wound).

The Sicilian Clan (Le Clan des Siciliens) (1969) [Roger Sartet]: Shot to death by Jean Gabin on the beach, after Jean shoots Irina Demick. (Thanks to Cryptic)

Red Sun (Soleil rouge) (1971) [Gauche a.k.a. Gotch Kink]: Shot to death by Charles Bronson.

Scorpio (1973) [Jean Laurier a.k.a. Scorpio]: Shot to death by an unseen gunman, after Alain kills Burt Lancaster.
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