Aidan Gillen in 'Blitz'
Aidan Gillen (1968 - )
a.k.a. Aidan Murphy
Shanghai Knights (2003) [Lord Nelson Rathbone]: Falls to his death after being knocked through the clock face of Big Ben at the end of a fight with Jackie Chan. (Thanks to ND)

Blackout (2008) [Karl]: Killed in an elevator crash after Amber Tamblyn knocks him back into the elevator just before the cable snaps. (Thanks to ND)

12 Rounds (2009) [Miles Jackson]: Killed in an explosion when one of his bombs goes off while he's in a helicopter. (Thanks to ND)

Blitz (2011) [Barry Weiss a.k.a. The Blitz]: Shot in the head with his own gun by Jason Statham, to make it look like Aidan's own M.O. (Thanks to ND)
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